The Story Of Us: Daniel & Nieshia

Daniel & Nieshia

Est. June 27, 2017

The Search For Love

Years of being single prompted me to put myself out there again. I was nervous, frightened. The sheer thought of dating caused my heart to beat uncontrollably. I dislike rejection and I knew that in the dating game, that was a definite possibility. Because I was never a club-going person or someone who visits the bar on the weekends, finding dates was next to impossible for me. I’m quite an introvert, so getting out and meeting new people caused me to go into panic mode. After speaking with some friends from work, I decided to try something that I never thought I would do. ONLINE DATING! I was not as nervous about online dating because it was just that, ONLINE! I did not know what to expect.

What Did I Get Myself Into?

I searched eagerly for the best online dating websites out there that were FREE. I looked through what was available and decided on PLENTY OF FISH. My hands shook like a leaf on a tree during a hurricane while I was creating my profile. Answering the 10,000 questions that you had to answer for the site to find people that would suit what you were looking for was time-consuming. It seemed like it was taking me hours to complete it. After I finished the questionnaire, they prompt you to upload a few pictures. I almost fainted. I was a bit insecure then. Being called “ugly” on several occasions made me feel as if I was ugly. I searched through my camera roll to find the best pictures that I had taken of myself. I found two and uploaded those. Once that was complete, I finalized my profile and a few seconds later, my profile was up and ready to view.

Not even 30 minutes later, my phone was blowing up with notifications from several guys. I was thrilled! After hours of sifting through the many messages that were in my inbox, I finally came across a guy who I thought was worth talking to. He seemed quite interested in me. He complemented my looks and made sure to message me regularly. After about a few weeks of talking through the site, I decided to give him my number. That was a huge mistake. It wasn’t long until his true intentions showed. This guy did not want a relationship. He wanted sex! I ended up deleting my profile and blocking his number from my phone to rid myself of him.

Before deleting my profile the first time, there was this guy who started to message me. His name was Daniel and was located not too far from me. He was prompt at messaging me back, eager to get to know me and cute. Once I deleted my profile, I thought for sure I was never going to talk to him again.

A week later, I created another profile on PLENTY OF FISH. That evening, I received a notification from the site and it was Daniel! I cannot begin to explain how excited I was. This guy, Daniel, found me immediately after making my new profile. He had found me! That showed me that he was serious about getting to know me. We spoke on the site for about a week before I gave him my number. Once our numbers were exchanged, everything just rolled along quickly from there.

Our First Date

February 1, 2017. That was a day I will never forget. On that day, Daniel and I went on our first date. We had to meet up that night because we both had to work during the day. I got off of work, hurried to my place to freshen up and drove nervously to the movies. When I arrived, he was not there yet. I took the time to call my brother to get a small pep talk. He assured me that everything was going to be fine. Once he hung up, I noticed that Daniel had arrived. I got out of my car. He got out of his. In that moment, all of my nervousness went away. Daniel and I, both with smiles on our faces, walked side by side until we reached the theater door. I was getting ready to open the door to enter, when he stepped in front of me to open it for me. A man that didn’t mind opening doors for me? That was a major plus. Not only did he do that, but he paid for our tickets and bought me popcorn!

Even though the movie that we saw, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”, was total trash, we enjoyed each others company. Once the movie was over, we walked outside to where we were parked and talked for about 20 minutes. To be quite honest with you, I wasn’t nervous at all. I felt comfortable around him. He asked if I wanted to go grab something to eat, but I kindly declined. I had to work early the next day and it was already a bit late. Our first date was, in my opinion, was a success.

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage???

There were several more dates after the first one. Every single date that we went on was calm, cool and relaxing. We grew closer and closer together the more time we spent together. February 8, 2017, Daniel asked me to be his girlfriend. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: “Didn’t you guys JUST start dating???” Well, yes! Deep within my heart, I knew that I was making the right decision by saying “yes” to being his girlfriend.

Not even a month after being with each other, Daniel had to leave for a few weeks for some training for work. I was super bummed! It was a hard few weeks for me because I had grown so used to communicating and seeing Daniel every single day. Thank goodness my job was keeping me busy. When he returned, we quickly picked up where we left off.

From that moment on, things progressed QUICKLY. I was dealing with some family issues that were causing me to shut down. I could not handle what was happening and luckily, Daniel was there to comfort me. Despite all of the issues surrounding my family, Daniel stuck around. I thought for sure he was going to leave me. Instead, he proposed to me! We got engaged on May 6, 2017. Shortly after that, on June 27, 2017, we were married.

Happily Ever After

We are happily married with 2 beautiful children. I did not expect to be married so soon, but I am glad that it happened when it did. There were some who would question if we were moving too fast into our marriage. My response would always be:

“I’m happy. Daniel is happy. We both know that we made the right decision.”

Our marriage has had several bumps along the way, but those bumps have brought us closer together. I am looking forward to many, MANY more years with Daniel!

Our story was not typical, but I love it. Would I recommend online dating? Yes! There will be a post coming soon about my experience with online dating and tips on being successful at it. In the meantime, for all of you singles out there, don’t give up your search on finding love. Your special someone will come when you least expect it!


  1. Thank you so much for your transparency! I‘ve been single for over 11 years, but I know the time is near and I also know that once I meet him, it won’t be long before we’re married. Awesome Blog, I truly enjoyed it, keep them coming!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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