Finish The Story (1): “Who’s At My Front Door?”

(Alarm clock blaring)

Kim grudgingly roles over and slowly opens her eyes. The morning shine shines beautifully through her bedroom window. “It’s going to be an awesome day!” says Kim as she lays in her bed, staring at the ceiling. It’s Saturday, which means catching up on errands that she couldn’t get to during the week. Grocery shopping, laundry, meal prepping for the week, Kim had a productive day ahead of her.

Rolling over out of bed, Kim stretches and heads towards her bathroom. Going through her routine, brushing her teeth, showering, washing her hair, getting dressed, she prioritizes what’s most important to do that day.

Once finished, she walks towards the kitchen to make a quick breakfast. The bright sunlight beaming through her living room and kitchen windows give a beautiful glow. Kim fixes a quick bagel, fresh fruit, and a cup of orange juice, something to hold her over until lunchtime. After eating, Kim grabs her phone and goes over to her favorite reclining chair in her living room.

As Kim’s tapping away at her phone, her doorbell begins to ring.

“Who could that be?” Kim asks herself as she slowly puts her phone down on the coffee table. Walking softly over to the door, she peeps through the peephole and could not believe who was standing there.

Finish the story!

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