3 Simple Ways to Study Effectively

Yeah, I should’ve known that was going to happen

Freshman year, algebra 1, was the first class I got a dose of what happens when you don’t study. Mr. Baker (name changed for obvious reasons) was an excellent math teacher. I wasn’t the best at math, but when I put forth the effort, asked for help, and paid attention in class, I did a pretty good job. My grade averaged around a B-, which was like gold to me. Since I was doing so well, I figured I didn’t have to study when the final came around. I knew everything I needed to know.

When Mr. Baker slapped that final exam in front of me, I just knew I was about to pass it. I opened up that exam and, at that moment, I wished I would’ve studied. Now, some of the test questions, I could figure out with no problem; but, the majority of those questions I ended up guessing the answers.

A few days after taking the exam, I received an email from Mr.Baker stating that I FAILED THE EXAM. I was shocked. I know you’re probably thinking, “Why were you shocked? You didn’t even study!” My point exactly. I was so mad at myself. I blamed everybody, even God, for my failure. I was livid.

I got a call from the school saying that I was able to retake the exam. So, guess what I did while waiting to retake that exam? STUDIED! I went into the retake, nervous. I studied hard, and it paid off. I passed the exam and was able to move up to algebra 2. Whew!

My top 3 study tips

As I was typing the story above, I couldn’t help but giggle. I could not believe that I thought I was going to pass that exam without studying. Who did I think I was? After that happened, I took studying way more seriously. Throughout my high school years and even into my community college years, I researched and applied some study tips that have helped me get the grades I desired and retain more information. These tips that I will share with you today will ensure that you make the most of your study time, all while helping you learn more information.

Currently, I am learning all that I can about content marketing. So far, I’ve learned some awesome tips and tricks that are extremely helpful when it comes to marketing. If you would like for me to share with you what I’m learning, comment “what have you learned?” in the comment section below.

Let’s jump into the tips!

1. Study in small chunks

Have you ever tried to study for long periods and found yourself zoning out? If you’re finding it tough to sit and focus for long periods, try the Pomodoro Technique. This method of studying encourages you to learn for about 25 minutes. In that time frame, focus and study hard on whatever it is you’re learning.

Between that time of taking notes and reading over study material, take a 5-minute break. Watch a Youtube video, get a drink of water, text your best friend, do jumping jacks. Use that break time to rest your brain and prepare for the next round of studying. You can repeat this method for as long as you need to. If you’re going to be going for more than four rounds, after every fourth round, take a longer, 15-30 minute, break.

Have you tried this method? Let me know how it has helped you in the comment section below.

2. Review your notes

When reviewing your notes, think of it like you’re going to be teaching someone else the material that you’re studying. When you do that, it helps you gain a better knowledge of what you’ve learned. It’s also the best way to gain a better understanding of a subject.

3. Remove ALL distractions

No television, cell phones, dogs, cats, NOTHING! Your study time should be for that, STUDYING. You shouldn’t need your cell phone, but mute all of the distracting apps if you do. If you like having music playing while you study, do that as long as it’s not distracting.

School is back in session, and it’s essential that you develop a study habit that will ensure a successful school year. Now, the tips that I shared with you aren’t just useful for students. If you’re learning something new on your own, you can use the information as well. I pray that all of you are successful in your studies.

What are some of your favorite study tips? Leave them in the comment section below! Have an awesome day!

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