Finish The Story: “Andrea and Keith”

Andrea met Keith while she was working full-time at a local department store. He was a frequent customer who would always “need help” finding things. Of course, Andrea would oblige. It was a few months of visiting Andrea’s job that Keith decided it was time to ask her on a date. A bit shocked, Andrea answered, “yes.”

Their first date was a blast. Keith took Andrea to a new restaurant in town called “Good Eatin’.” They shared lots of laughs, and the food was delicious. Andrea knew after that date that she wanted to learn more about this Keith guy.

Months went by, and they were beginning to see each other more and more. Keith would send lilies, Andrea’s favorite flower, to her job to let her know he was thinking of her. Andrea would stop by Keith’s workplace to surprise him with lunch. Everything about their blossoming relationship was perfect.

A year goes by, and Keith decides to pop the big question. Of course, Andrea screams, “YES!” She never in a million years thought she would be getting married. She figured that she would end up alone with a house full of cats. Well, she thought wrong and proved a lot of people wrong. She was getting married to an exciting, thoughtful, sweet guy.

It wasn’t until eight months into their marriage that Andrea began to see a side of Keith that she never thought she would see.

Finish The Story!!

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