Love and Relationships: 4 Tips To Help You And Your Partner Grow Closer

Hello all of you lovebirds out there! How are y’all doing? I hope you’re well.

I wanted to come on here and share some tips that can help you and your partner grow closer. If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll know that I’ve been doing this “Love and Relationship” series. I created it with the hopes of helping build stronger relationships. Well, this is the final episode of the “Love and Relationship” series. Don’t fret! I’ll be coming back with more relationship posts a bit later.

Isn’t it closeness what we want? Close physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We want to be so close to our partner that we’re comfortable sharing our deepest emotions and thoughts with them without worrying about judgment. We should also crave the feeling of our partner’s body against ours. Right? Or is it just me? I doubt it!

These four tips that I will share with you today will ensure more closeness in your relationship. Growing closer isn’t a one-day fix. It takes effort to make intimacy happen. Another thing to consider is it takes both parties doing the work of creating closeness. Don’t expect one to do all of the work, and you sit there doing nothing. It’s a team effort!

Now, let’s get into these tips!

Grow closer with these tips

1. Make date nights a priority

There is no reason why you and your loved one shouldn’t be going on dates. Even if you have kids, when they go to bed, utilize an hour or two to have a date at home. A simple date night option could be ordering pizza or whatever you guys like to eat, watching a movie, and ending the night with a warm bubble bath together. Do activities that each other likes. Date nights at home can be quite fun.

2. Listen to each other when communicating

When your partner is speaking, be fully attentive (vice versa). Ask questions about what they’re talking about. Engage in the conversation. Let your loved one know that you are listening and that what they’re saying is important to you.

3. Compliment each other

“Wow! You look amazing in that dress!”

“Husband, I can tell you’ve been putting in work in the gym! You look great!”

“Dinner was delicious tonight, honey!”

Simple compliments shows that you are paying attention to your loved one and that you actually appreciate them for what they are doing and who they are. Never let a moment go by that you don’t compliment your loved one on something.

4. Make each other feel appreciated

I cannot stress this enough. Appreciation, even for the smallest act, can take your relationship to another level. Did you thank your loved one for washing the dishes after dinner? Did you thank your loved one for taking the time to take your child to their piano lesson when you couldn’t? When was the last time you said a simple “Thank you”?

If you truly want to see your relationship grow and prosper, appreciate your partner and what they do and I guarantee you’ll see more spark in your relationship.

Let’s make these relationships last

We should always be looking for ways to add some spark into our relationships. Having more exciting date nights, being attentive when our spouse (or girlfriend/boyfriend) is speaking, appreciation, and compliments are just a few ways to enhance relationships.

What are some things you are doing to enhance your relationship? Comment down below!

Have an awesome day!

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  1. I need to go back and read the rest of this series but all good point, especially the date night. We need to get out a little more but this darn pandemic lol!

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