[Stress Management]: Take A Mental Health Day!

As a wife, mom of two, writer, sister, daughter, and friend, to say that I’m a fairly busy person would be an understatement. Most days, it’s a breeze completing all of the things that I need to complete. But, some days, I can barely get through a few tasks without burning out. Daily, I do my best to make sure that those around me know that I care for them, and although I’m still working on this, I make sure to also text/call and check on friends.

I wake up most mornings asking God to help me through everything I need to get done. There are many things that I want to get done, friends I want to contact, learning lessons I would like to do with the kids, quality time I would like to spend with my husband. Honestly, by the time I put the kids in bed at night, I have to fight the urge not to go to sleep because that’s the time I get to spend with my husband.

I’ve experienced burnout before, but never like this. Recently, I’ve noticed that my level of exhaustion has increased, and my body has been showing signs that I need to slow down. While lying in bed, watching YouTube videos, I came across a video about taking a mental health day. Interested, I took the time to watch it.

That one five-minute video inspired me to incorporate mental health days into my week. So, what does a mental health day look like for me? Let me tell you:

• 30-45 minutes in the gym
• Going to Starbucks and grabbing my favorite drink
• Enjoying a long, hot, uninterrupted shower
• Reading a good book
• Journaling

Every week, as I sit down with my planner to plan my week, I find the one day that I don’t have a lot going on during the week. It’s on that day that I make time to take care of ME! If I don’t have time to do most of the activities listed above, I choose two to three items from the list to indulge in.

What can a mental health day look like for you?

Everyone on this earth should take a mental health day every so often. With everything that’s going on in this world today, it’s easy to become weary, stressed out, and fall into the trap of depression.

Some benefits of taking mental health days are:

  • You’re able to de-stress.
  • You have time to enjoy activities that you love.
  • You’re able to fully process your emotions and clear your mind (which will help with your decision-making and creativity skills).

I would like for you to start taking some mental health days. I know you’re thinking, “I don’t have the time to take off to do something like that.” Listen, even if you can’t take an entire day off, take a few hours out of your day to do something you enjoy.

Some suggestions for you to make your mental health day exciting are:

• Take a bubble bath
• Listen and sing along to your favorite songs
• Read a good book / Visit a bookstore
• Grab yourself some lunch or a cup of coffee
• Watch some motivational videos on YouTube
• Get a Mani/Pedi
• Get your hair done
• Journal your thoughts, dreams, and goals
• Catch up on that show you’ve been missing out on
• Exercise
• Go on a mini road trip
• Go for a walk
• Visit a museum
• Paint a picture
• Learn something new
• Declutter your home

Those are just some ways you can have an exciting mental health day. Whatever you decide to do on your mental health day is up to you, as long as you’re enjoying the day doing things that make you happy.

Have you taken a mental health day? If so, how did you spend it? Let me know in the comment section below!


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