How To Bounce Back After An Emotional Breakdown

You know that feeling you get after you’ve had a good cry? That feeling of “I can do this!” and “This day will be better!”? Although emotional breakdowns aren’t ideal or fun to go through, they help you release those pent-up emotions and thoughts inside you.

After a rather rough day, my emotional breakdown happened without warning the other night. I was lying in bed, scrolling through social media on my iPad, when a surge of old, hurtful words that I’d thought I hid in the back of my mind came to the forefront.

“You’re a loser!”
“Ain’t nobody going to want you!”
“You made a mistake!”

Old, cruel comments from people, some close to me, clouded my better judgment. I’d thought I was doing well, but I guess I wasn’t. I thought I was starting to make better decisions and doing more to make myself available to others. In the eyes of some, I wasn’t doing enough. Almost instantly, warm tears began to roll down my face. I didn’t want to cry, but I felt that I needed to release that hurt and pain I felt at that moment.

I sat up in bed, allowing my tears to flow freely, as I did my best to work through the emotional turmoil. After a moment, I stopped crying and concluded that I needed to be honest about my feelings. Holding onto hurt, stress, and past trauma does more harm than good.

Before I drifted off to sleep, I mouthed a quick prayer and made it my mission to look forward to what I feel I’ve been placed on this earth to do.

It’s Time To Bounce Back!

Having emotional breakdowns are exhausting. It takes so much out of you to fully let go and have a good, deep cry. It’s okay to let it all out, but what you do after that’s important.

Let me share with you some things that you can do after you’ve had an emotional breakdown.

Focus on the things that you want!

Write the vision and make it plain! What is it that you want for your life? Would you like to learn to forgive those who’ve wronged you? Do you want to put yourself out there and meet new people? Be honest with yourself, and let it be known the desires of your heart.

I would like for you to grab your journal, or phone, start a new note, and in that note, jot down all of the things that you desire. Once you’ve completed that task, place it somewhere that you’ll see it daily. Keep this note close to you and recite it! Your focus should be on the things ahead of you, not the stuff behind you.

Do something that brings you joy!

Take some time out of your day to do something that you wholeheartedly enjoy. Here’s a list of things you can do to build yourself up:

  • Pray/Meditate
  • Listen to encouraging music
  • Read a book
  • Grab a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop
  • Sing out loud to your favorite song
  • Hang out with close friends/family
  • Journal your thoughts
  • Go on a mini road trip
  • Watch encouraging shows / YouTube videos


Open up and be honest with God about what you’re going through. Tell Him what you need, exercise your faith, and believe He will provide those things.

Hold Your Head Up High!

Life has a way of tearing you down. But, in those times of trouble, let’s keep the faith. Press through and always remember to keep your head high and trust that you’re a strong, powerful, amazing woman. Keep that in mind! Here are a few Bible verses for you to meditate on:


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