The 7-Day Confidence-Building Challenge

Hi, and welcome back! Today is an inspiring day because I will share a challenge that I created to help you and me increase and maintain our confidence!

The Results of My Lack of Confidence

In middle school, I began to notice my confidence was extremely low. Starting at a new school with new people and a new set of classes caused my anxiety to spike. I would clam up at having to speak in front of people or even be seen. I was the one girl who would gladly accept an “F” on an assignment just so I wouldn’t have to stand up and present it.

After I finished high school, I realized the adverse effects of not having confidence. I missed out on many opportunities to put myself out there and learn and explore new things. I desired to be on the cheerleading squad, play volleyball, join a club or two. My lack of confidence resulted in those opportunities being missed.

Fast forward to now, I’ve learned a lot from my past when it comes to having more confidence in myself and my abilities. Having more of an understanding of who I am has helped me grow my confidence. The biggest lesson for me would be knowing my strengths and weaknesses and growing in the areas I need to succeed.

No, it hasn’t been an easy journey. It’s taken a lot of work, honesty, and staying away from my comfort zone. If you ask me if I have reached my goal of being totally confident, I would say no, mainly because growing self-confidence is an everyday challenge. Some days I wake up with loads of confidence, and other days I have to work harder to get the confidence I desire.

What I Hope We Accomplish with This Challenge

We must have a more confident, optimistic view of ourselves and our abilities. If you want to accomplish those goals for yourself, you need to have a clear, optimistic view of what you have to offer.

With this seven-day “Grow Your Confidence” journaling challenge, I hope that those of you who join me will be well on the way to becoming more confident in yourself by the end of the challenge.

This challenge will include:

• Daily journaling prompts for you to complete
• Encouraging affirmations for you to speak out loud
• Daily activities that will help you build your confidence

The Challenge

Day 1:

Daily Affirmation: “Today is going to be a productive day.”

Journaling Prompt: With 10 words, describe yourself.

Challenge: Contact someone new today!

Day 2:

Daily Affirmation: “I exude positive energy.”

Journaling Prompt: What happened in your life that caused you to become shy?

Challenge: Who do you need to forgive? Write a letter, or type up an email, to this person. If you’d like to send it, do so. If not, toss the letter, and move on. The point of this challenge is to lay out the hurt that you may be feeling inside of you.

Day 3:

Daily Affirmation: “I’m working towards obtaining better habits.”

Journaling Prompt: Describe your self-care routine. If you don’t have one, describe your ideal self-care routine.

Challenge: Drink only water today!

Day 4:

Daily Affirmation: “My life is fulfilling.”

Journaling Prompt: How will your life change when you develop more self-confidence?

Challenge: Create a vision board where you see your life within the next 2 years.

Day 5:

Daily Affirmation: “I’m a beautiful, creative, and successful woman.”

Journaling Prompt: What are five things that you love about yourself? Why?

Challenge: Accentuate those things about yourself that you love. Do you love your legs? Wear some nice shorts, or a cute dress, to show those legs off! Do you love your eyes? Wear eye make-up that will make them pop!

Day 6:

Daily Affirmation: “My body is beautiful.”

Journaling Prompt: What’s your favorite type of exercise? Do you enjoy walks? Going to the gym? Working out at home? Why do you prefer it?

Challenge: Add some different, more advanced exercises to your workout routine!

Day 7:

Daily Affirmation: “I’m manifesting everything I want in my life.”

Journaling Prompt: If you could go into any career field, what would it be? Why?

Challenge: Apply for that job or school you’ve wanted to apply to for the longest time. Exercise your confidence!!

I hope that you will be well on your way to having more confidence in yourself by the end of this challenge. Remember, growing your confidence is a daily task that requires honesty, getting out of your comfort zone, and challenging yourself to do things you thought you could never do.

Which journaling prompt resonated with you the most? Why? Comment down in the comment section below! I would love to hear from you.

Have a great day and happy journaling!


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