[Self-Care]: Create Your Own Self-Care Kit

It’s time that we begin to take self-care seriously!

As a wife, mom, sister, and friend, I rarely make time for myself. Between taking care of the kids and our home, making sure to spend time with my husband, and keeping up with friends, me-time tends to go out of the window.

I’ll find myself staying up later than usual after the kids and husband goes to sleep to get some time to myself. In the moment of doing that, it’s relaxing, and I’m finally able to do what I want to do with no interruptions. But, I regret staying up later because I miss out on hours of sleep.

I’m slowly learning that although staying up later is okay, I need to take some time during the day.

I happened to be scrolling on Instagram when I came across a post about a “self-care box.” Immediately, I was interested.

I watched the video and noticed the types of things the person was putting into her box. After watching the video, I thought it would be a good idea to create one of my own! A candle, journal and pen, essential oils, and other personalized items would make me-time enjoyable.

Why you should have a self-care kit of your own.

As women, we tend to put the needs and wants of others before our own. Although that is a wonderful trait to have, it’s time that we start to pay some attention to our needs and wants, too. Whenever you can squeeze in 20-30 minutes of alone time, pull out your goody box, and relax! This self-care kit that you’ll create will house a few things that make you happy calm.

Creating your own self-care kit requires little to no effort at all. Here are some items you can put inside of your box:

• Journal/pen
• Candle
• Your favorite lotion/spray
• Essential oil of your choice
• Photo of someone/something that you love
• Favorite snack(s)
• Nail polish
• Coloring book/markers
• Book(s)
• Quote/Bible verse that encourages you

Those are a handful of things that you can place inside your self-care kit. Be as creative with it as you want to be! This is for you and only you.

What’s inside of my self-care kit?

I truly enjoyed creating my self-care kit! It allowed me to be creative and put something together for me and only me.

The inside of my kit consists of:

• Journal (As a writer, keeping a journal within arm’s length is essential.)
• Pen/highlighters (I’ll be the first to admit that I have an obsession with pens and highlighters. I love being able to make my journal pages colorful and lively.)
• Hand sanitizer
• Lip gloss
• My favorite snacks
• Candle

Every so often, I change up the items inside my kit to add some element of surprise and newness. I enjoy opening up my kit and taking my time to be present and appreciate what’s inside.

Ladies, we must take time for ourselves. Between taking care of our homes, children, careers, and everything else that’s going on in our lives, we should take the time to take care of ourselves.

Do you have a self-care kit? If not, do you plan on creating one? Let me know in the comment section below!

Have a great day!!


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