3 Life-Changing Things I’ve Learned During My Healing Journey

If you’ve ever been on a healing journey, you know that it’s not easy. Having to confront what’s been haunting you, accept that it happened, heal, and move on is tough to ask of someone. 

During a marital counseling session (which was great), I couldn’t help but think that I had more work to do in the healing department. Towards the end of the session, I realized that although I thought I was healed from my past, I honestly wasn’t. This question popped into my head:

“How do you expect to experience and enjoy an amazing, fulfilled, exciting, loving, prosperous life if you’re still harboring pain from way back when? Girl, you need to get a grip, figure out why you’re still holding on to trauma, and move on!”

I’m not even going to lie; hearing that was like a slap in the face. Although those words stung like an angry bee, I knew it was true. It was time for me to become serious about my healing and well-being. It was time for me to begin to go after the things that I wanted without worrying about the opinions of others. It was time for me to heal.

Three Crucial Things I’ve Learned Throughout My Healing Journey

Don’t expect changes overnight.

The timeframe of your healing depends on the extent of your pain and how bad you want to overcome it. Give yourself some grace, and understand that healing takes time. There will be roadblocks that may throw you off a bit, but I encourage you to continue pressing forward towards the things you want and desire.

Reach out for help.

There may be some things that are tough for you to get through. That’s why you need to reach out for help. Get some counseling, or talk to a trusted friend or family member. Whoever you choose to confide in, make sure they’re willing to listen, understanding, and capable of holding you accountable.

Surround yourself with loving, encouraging, honest people.

If it wasn’t for my favorite people, I don’t know where I’d still be on the struggle bus. When I’m going through a tough patch, I know who to contact for some encouragement and a boost to keep going.

During your healing journey, you want to surround yourself with people who will uplift, encourage, motivate, and redirect you when you’re off track. 

Who’s on your list of people you rely on to help you? During your journaling session today, write down your top five people you feel you can call on at any time. 

Journaling Prompts & A Word Of Advice

I have a few questions for you:

1. What prompted you to go on your healing journey?
2. What hurt/trauma are you holding onto that’s getting in the way of your progression?
3. Why are you holding on to it?

Please answer those questions honestly because how you respond will help you on your path to healing.

I must note that not everyone’s journey will be the same. The success of your healing journey depends on two things: determination and honesty. You will have to be honest with your feelings to understand why you’re still holding on to what’s hurting you.

Take Your Time!

One last thing to keep in mind is don’t rush through your healing. It may take time to get to the root of the pain, uproot it, and heal. Please don’t expect an overnight change; reach out for help, and surround yourself with people who will encourage you. 

I pray for your complete healing! You got this!


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