April 2022’s Scripture Writing Plan

It’s April! Am I the only one who’s surprised that we are already in month four of 2022? It’s time now that we kick it into high gear and hone in on those goals that we’ve set for ourselves. If you’re like me, spending more time with God and His Word is something I wanted to do more of this year. So far, it’s been a bit of a struggle to remain consistent with it, considering everything else that’s going on around me. But there’s no room for excuses.

As Christians, we should prioritize spending time reading the Bible. Read it for a deeper connection with God. Read it to understand and know who He is and how we are to live our lives. Do your best to go into your time of prayer and study with anticipation and a hunger for what God will reveal to you while studying the Bible.

Scripture Writing Plan

April’s Scripture Writing Plan is filled with scriptures surrounding the topics of:

  • Prayer
  • The benefits of hard work (and the consequences of laziness)
  • Wisdom
  • Trusting in God

As you are going through and completing this Scripture Writing Plan, analyze the verse(s) that you write. After writing your scripture for the day, give a summary of it. What stood out about it? How did that verse(s) make you feel?

Let’s jump right into this month’s Scripture Writing Plan!

Use this time with God to learn, explore, and grow!

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