What’s Stopping You?

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I cannot believe it is May already! It seems as though this year, 2022 is zooming by.

I wanted to quickly come on here and encourage you to stop waiting on the “perfect time” to go after your goals and dreams. The perfect time is now! I know you’re probably thinking:

“I don’t have the time.”


“I don’t have enough money.”


“If I do this, what will happen if I fail?”

My biggest regret in my 29 years of living is waiting on the right time. I’ve realized that life is too short to be waiting around for things to change or get better. It’s up to you to make your dreams come true. Have faith in God and your abilities to accomplish the things you want to achieve. Trust me, if it’s meant for you, it will be for you. If not, God will direct you to where you need to be.

Be encouraged! I believe that you are capable of doing amazing things! Today, I want you to make a plan, pray to God for guidance, and execute that plan to accomplish those things you want out of life!

So, start that business, launch that blog, apply for that job!

The time is NOW!

Have a wonderful day!


Published by Armored with Faith

Hi, and welcome to Armored with Faith! I'm super excited to be sharing my story and my journey with you all. We will discuss faith/Christian living, confidence-building, fitness, productivity, and life hacks. Join us as we learn to utilize the faith within us to live a life full of gratitude, growth, and helpfulness!

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