It’s Time For Something New!

Hi, everyone! I hope that you’re well.

Have you ever gotten that feeling that it’s time for something new?

A new mindset?

A new lifestyle?

A new set of habits?

Whatever the “new” maybe for you, I encourage you today to go for it!

Being Uncomfortable = Time For Change

I look back on my life, and I can’t help but think that most of the situations I’ve been through (or currently going through) are because of poor decision-making. I happened to be up extremely early this morning, praying and seeking direction for what my next steps were, and this quote began to ring loudly inside of my mind:

Let me say this: life has a way of building you up and tearing you down. One thing that I’ve learned in the past four years is to never get comfortable. Why? Because things change. People change. You should always be learning, growing, and working towards becoming a better version of yourself.

I’m at a point in my life where I feel like change needs to happen. It’s time for a new mindset, new career, new lifestyle, new everything!

As frightening as it is to think about, I’m even more excited for what God is about to do in my life. Am I ready for it? No, not really; but, it’s time for change to happen!

Journaling Prompts

  • What are some areas in your life that need to be improved? How do you plan on making those changes?
  • Who inspires you? Why?
  • List 10 things you love about yourself.
  • Describe happiness in your own words.
  • What makes you happy?


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