Better Decision-Making: Your Future Depends On It!

I happened to be scrolling on Twitter the other day when I came across this tweet:

This short tweet drove me to think about the decisions that I’ve made. I can’t help but ask the questions:

“Where would I be if I had gone away to college directly after high school?”

“What would my life be like if I would’ve had more confidence in myself throughout my high school years and early adult years?”

Before I continued down the rabbit role of should of, could of, and would of, I acknowledged the sheer fact that moving forward, before I make any decision, big or small, there needs to be thought put into it. Instead of being led by emotions, prayer and logical reasoning should be what leads me to make decisions.

As you read that tweet above, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Do you ponder on the decisions that you’ve made, or could’ve made? During your time of solitude today, take ten minutes to journal your thoughts on the tweet above.

Let Me Leave You With This:

You can’t go back and change the decisions that you’ve made.

What you can do is learn to give more thought to the pros and cons of the decisions you will make moving forward. If the decision that you’re about to make has more pros than cons, and you’ve prayed about it, then move forward with the decision.

If not, rethink it.

We will not always be perfect in making decisions, but let’s make it our mission to do our best to make better decisions.

Nieshia Tionne | Deuteronomy 31:6

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