At-Home Workout (2)

Hi, and welcome back to Armored with Faith!

I’m excited to be back with another at-home workout for you!

Let me start out by saying THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO LIKED THE FIRST ”AT-HOME WORKOUT” POST! To be honest, I was quite surprised that it received as many likes as it did. I’m thankful for all of you who took the time to read, and hopefully complete, the workout that I created. If you’re interested in following that workout plan, click here!

Let’s Get Sweaty!

*I am not a licensed professional trainer! I am a woman on a mission to living a healthy lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same. If at any point in this workout you begin to feel pain, please modify the exercise or stop completely.*

This workout will not include a warm-up. If you are looking for an effective warm-up, click here!

Take your time through each exercises! If you’re finding it hard to complete an exercise, modify it or stop completely.

Let’s get healthy together!

-Nieshia Tionne-

Published by Armored with Faith

Hi, and welcome to Armored with Faith! I'm super excited to be sharing my story and my journey with you all. We will discuss faith/Christian living, confidence-building, fitness, productivity, and life hacks. Join us as we learn to utilize the faith within us to live a life full of gratitude, growth, and helpfulness!

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