Let’s Take A Long Walk

Welcome to episode two of “Moments with Me,” a series that I started to give you a glimpse into my life. This series will include personal life experiences, helpful advice, journaling prompts, and encouraging quotes to aid personal development. If you haven’t checked out the first episode, click here!

I’m Thankful!

I woke up to a beautiful, blue sky morning, and the first thing on my mind was:

I need to go for a walk!

I got myself together, laced up my workout shoes, and headed out the door. I drove for about ten minutes to my favorite trail. As I ensured my valuables were out of sight, I drank a few gulps of cold water before turning on some tunes and beginning my walk.

During my walk, I took time to reflect on where I currently am in life, what I desire, and what my goals are for the rest of the year.

I slowly started to think about the many mistakes I’d made over these past few years. If I can be honest, I wanted to complain SO BAD! I couldn’t help but think about all the things that weren’t right.

I thought about this past Sunday’s sermon during my mini pity party. The overall subject of that sermon was being thankful. Being thankful for what God has done for you, where He has brought you from, and His grace is what we should focus on.

Let me be honest with you for a moment. There have been many times when instead of being thankful, I complained. During rough seasons, I would find myself asking God “why” instead of being grateful for what He has done for me.

Let me be clear and say that you should acknowledge your feelings. Tell God what you’re going through and how you feel. Be honest and open with Him because He cares about you. After you’ve poured out your heart, remember those times when God has brought you out of challenging situations. Give Him thanks for being there for you, fighting your battles, and never leaving your side.

Although I still wrestle with why I went through certain things, I can be grateful. Despite dealing with unapologetic, difficult people, I can still be thankful.

On the drive home, I thanked God for all He had done for me. I thanked Him for being with me despite my ungratefulness and anxiety. I rode home feeling calmer, lighter, and motivated to continue pressing forward. Thank you, God!

Journaling Prompts:

  • List 10 things you’re thankful for (do this daily!).
  • What’s something that you do when you feel stressed or anxious?
  • What does your self-care routine consist of?
  • Who inspires you to keep pressing forward? Why?
  • How are you currently feeling? Why?
  • Read Mark 8. Reflect on what you read.

Before You Go:

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-Nieshia Tionne-

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