The Shy Girl’s Guide

Do you desire more confidence? Are you looking for effective, straightforward advice on how to live your life full of confidence? Well, look no further!

Welcome to “The Shy Girl’s Guide”! This is designed to help women of all ages and stages grow and maintain self-confidence.

What is self-confidence? It’s the trust in one’s own abilities and qualities. As women, especially women of color, it’s vital that we learn to be more aware of the wonderful qualities that God has placed within us.

Along this journey of becoming more confident in ourselves, I want us to be aware that this is not going to be an easy journey. It’s going to take faith, honesty, daily practice, and getting away from your comfort zone.

Let’s begin this journey together!

The Shy Girl’s Guide: Designed for young girls and women who desire to attain more self-confidence and live a life full of purpose.

Keep this piece of Scripture in mind as we take this journey together:

Deuteronomy 31:6

“Speak Encouraging Words Over Yourself And Your Life”

“Get Active!”


“Wear clothes that are comfortable and make you feel confident!”

“Embrace your natural curls and coils!”

“Learn something new every single day! Also, teach others what you’ve learned!”

“Journal your way through your process of gaining and maintaining confidence.”

Want more confidence-building Tips? Stay tuned because every Friday, more tips will be added!

In the meantime, continue to use the tips shared here, and keep the faith as you journey to becoming a better, more confident, version of yourself. You got this!

The 7-Day Confidence-Building Journaling Challenge is designed to help you gain a better sense of who you are and what you desire out of yourself and your life.

During the next seven days, I would like for you to take to time to answer the journaling prompts with as much honesty and transparency as possible. No worries, though! No one is going to see what you write, unless you want them to.

Happy Journaling!

Day 1: Describe yourself in 10 words.

Day 2: What happened in your life that caused you to lack confidence? Explain.

Day 3: How will your life change once you begin to have more self-confidence?

Day 4: What are your strengths?

Day 5: What quote or Bible verse encourages you? Why?

Day 6: What is your definition of self-confidence?

Day 7: Finish this sentence: “I feel great about myself when…”

Did you like this journaling challenge? I hope you did! More confidence-building challenges and tips will be added weekly!